12 cat breeds that are very popular

Domestic Long and Shorthair

About 95% of all cats in Canada and the United States are domestic longhair or shorthair cats, which is not a big surprise.


Ragdolls are graceful and smart cats with good manners. Their big, beautiful blue eyes are smart and loving at the same time. 

Exotic Shorthair

Exotic Shorthair cats are related to Persians and also have round faces and bodies. Both types are also calm, loyal, and easy-going.

Maine Coon

They love to be looked at just as much as any other pet.  They are interested and curious about water.


Persians are easy to spot because they have round faces with big round eyes. When you see a beautiful, soft, sweet-tempered Persian cat.

British and American Shorthair

British and American Shorthair cats are perfect for people who like to keep their lives in check because they arenever "too this" or "too that."

Siamese are long and thin, and their faces can be long and wedge-shaped or round and apple-shaped. 


Devon Rex

If you want a cat that looks like a fluffy fairy, this is the breed for you. Devon Rex cats have big ears and bright eyes that look right through you. 


This beautiful cat is known for having a strong body and a coat that is clearly ticked. As adults, they weigh between 2.7 kg and 4.5 kg.

Scottish Fold

You don't need to be Sherlock Holmes to figure out that the Scottish Fold cat gets its name from the way its ears are folded.

Sphynx cats are a unique breed with special needs. They are also called hairless cats.


Because they look like small leopards, Bengal cats have become very famous. They are very curious and eager, just like Abyssinians. 


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